Manager / Event Coordinator

CoryCory moved to Mahomet from Naples, Florida. She has been with JT Walkers since September 2013. Before that she has been bartending and managing at various different places for the last 14 years. She likes to spend her days with her children and of course at JT Walkers. If you have any questions, comments or concerns and you see her around, she would be happy to help you. For all your event needs you can email her at


Andy HartStanding at a towering 5’6”, Andy was once an aspiring Keebler elf until he realized his baking skills weren’t off the charts. That’s when he discovered the world of craft beer and he hasn’t looked back since. This Mahomet native can be found at our taproom nearly every day of the week either pouring for thirsty patrons or harassing Phil, depending on which one he chooses that day. Many employees at our restaurant refer to him as “the beer guy” because of his uniquely random knowledge of beer so feel free to ask him questions when you see him!


Ryan TaylorRyan is a Mahomet native, then Colorado, then Michigan and finally made his way back home. He attended Colorado University and Lincoln tech in Denver. He came out of those two schools with an automotive engineering degree. He has been in the hospitality industry since he was 18 years old, including one of the best restaurants in the Chicago area.